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This was the door sign for the GuildMeet! I also made stickers and magnets for the swag boxes for everyone who came. Scrub Jay/Cougar gryph. I had a huge amount of help on this, so I can’t really call it my art, it’s a group effort! From screaminggoatbarn, duel-styx, and nambroth, who in the end basically drew the entire body when I asked for redlining help, which I then badly eyeballed and copied. >_> So all remaining horridness is my own.

Pencil and watercolor with a bit of gouache.



The goal of #SmallPetRespect is to encourage current and potential owners of small pets to become more educated on the animals they care for.

By tweeting facts and advice, we’ll destroy some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the smallest of our companions.  

When it comes to animals like birds (particularly budgies and cockatiels), small mammals, rodents, reptiles, fish (bettas need special mention), amphibians, arachnids, etc, many are picked up on a whim without proper prior research. Many of these animals are cheaply obtained at chain pet stores.

To make matters worse, many enclosures, tanks, cages, and habitats sold in pet stores are not suitable for the animals they are marketed for.

Many animals wind up mistreated due to ignorance and a prevailing attitude that such pets are disposable. It’s time to change that.

Do you share your home with a small pet? What would you say to someone looking into owning one? You can join the conversation on Twitter and Tumblr by tagging #SmallPetRespect.

Share stories, wisdom learned, facts, resources, advice and more. Please signal boost! Help us show that though they are small, all pets deserve respect.

I could not agree more.  When I was in the fish hobby more it was a daily occurance that people would post photos of their awful goldfish setups and outright refuse to care for them in anything close to a humane and appropriate manner.  A little while after I stepped back from the fish hobby I came across another such instance and created this quick piece in 2010 to sum up their actions.

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