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Riyo is ignoring me :C

And so this is what happens:

Meg: :c why you so focused in claaaasssssss

Meg: y u snaaaaail

Meg: helloooo mr. mockingbird

Meg: I thought you were my orioles for a moemnt

Meg: wth are you doing

Meg: >.>

Meg: <.<

Meg: if you’re a snail, stay quiet for the next minute

*minute later*

Meg: Bwahaha

Meg: you’re a snail~

Meg: silence confirms it

Meg: silence for two minutes if you’re a derp!

*two minutes later*

Meg: Bwahaha you are a derp

So. Riyo is quite clearly a snail and a derp. Her silence proves it. I should’ve included time stamps but they’re fugly.

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